Latosilog: Silog Meal Inspired by Lato-Lato Elicits Mixed Reactions

Introducing… the latosilog

LATOSILOG – A silog meal inspired by lato-lato has drawn reactions from the netizens.

Silog meals are a popular type of Filipino breakfast dish. They consist of sinangag (fried rice), itlog (egg), and various viands or ulam, such as tapa, longganisa, or ham. The name of the accompanying meat dish determines the specific type of silog, like tapsilog, longsilog, or hamsilog.

The concept of silog originated with tapsilog, which emerged as a quick breakfast or late-night option. The term tapsilog was coined in the 1980s by Vivian del Rosario, owner of Tapsi ni Vivian restaurant in Marikina. Due to its popularity, silog meals are now commonly found in restaurants, fast-food chains, and hotels. Other variations of silog have been created, with different meats or ingredients paired with fried rice and a fried egg. Some examples include adosilog, bisteksilog, bangsilog, and spamsilog.


Silog meals and lato-lato, a pair of plastic balls connected by a string that creates a distinctive clacking sound, are two different things. But a netizen was able to come up with an idea of a silog meal inspired by the popular toy.

Earlier, a certain Daisyre S. Melida took to A’TIN OFFICIAL GROUP, a Facebook fans group dedicated to the Filipino boy band SB19 wherein she posted a photo of the silog meal featuring the comment of Josh Cullen, a member of SB19. The latter called the meal, “latosilog.”

His post generated more than 61K reactions, over 500 comments and more than 6.1K shares. In the comment section, a netizen claimed: “Sinadya yan ng nagluto. Luto luto dapat yan.”

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