Glaiza de Castro Looks Back On Her Humble Beginnings

Glaiza de Castro: “There were instances where I wasn’t allowed into mall shows — hindi kasi pang-artista ang sasakyan!”

GLAIZA DE CASTRO – The actress looked back on her humble beginnings as she has been in the showbiz industry for 20 years now.

The actress is one of the stars in the ongoing afternoon soap on GMA Network, “The Seed of Love”.

At a recent virtual conference for her ongoing afternoon soap, Glaiza opened up about her humble beginnings – including countless auditions and workshops, rejections, and the “happenstance” that changed the course of her showbiz career.

Glaiza de Castro
Photo: Glaiza de Castro / Instagram

Glaiza recalled that she experienced pushing their vehicle because it wouldn’t start. She also shared that there were instances where she wasn’t allowed into mall shows because “hindi kasi pang-artista ang sasakyan” at that time.

According to the actress, it was in the early 2000s when she and her manager received a text message from a talent scout, informing her and her manager about an audition for a minor role in the movie “Cool Dudes 24/7.” However, she said it turned out that the advisory they received wasn’t meant for her.

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Luckily, Glaiza said that film director Ruel Bayani still let her try out for the part at that time.

Naawa sa ‘kin si direk because I was already there. ‘Isalang na rin kita,’ he told me. I was so embarrassed. It was an improvised scene, so we had no scripts. I was just told to slap Danilo Barrios (one of the lead stars),” Glaiza said.

Glaiza shared that she ended up landing the role for the said movie at that time.

She also looked back at her past struggles with fondness now that she’s an established and award-winning actress. According to her, her family is now doing well and she’s still able to help her family.

Life is more comfortable … I believe the blessings were meant to be shared with other people. The sacrifices led me to where I am now,” Glaiza said.

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