Gena Mago Shares Cryptic Message About “Kakampi”

GENA MAGO – The content creator shared a cryptic message about her “kakampi” who allegedly said hurtful words to her.

Kung sino pa yung akala mo kakampi mo yun pa pala yung may masasabi sayo na masasakit na salita at magpapamukha sayo na ayan kalang,” Gena Mago said in a post on Sunday, June 4.

Although Gena didn’t reveal the identity of “kakampi” in her social media post, some netizens believed that the content creator was referring to her partner Xander Arizala.

Gena Mago

Hours after Gena’s post, Xander shared an update on his Facebook page saying “wala na ako asawa” and he can’t be with his son because of Makagwapo.

Xander Arizala Says “Wala na ako asawa” Because Of Makagwapo

Xander Arizala: “Dahil sayo Merck wala na ako asawa”

XANDER ARIZALA – The social media personality has informed the public that “wala na ako asawa” because of Makagwapo.

To recall, Xander posted a video where he wants Makagwapo to delete the video of the two of them having a conversation inside the car.

Makagwapo, for his part, said that it’s his right since he gave the PHP 350,000 for his “inaanak”. The content creator also said that he agrees to delete the video if Xander is able to return at least half of PHP 350,000 to him.

Xander Arizala Makagwapo

On Saturday evening, Xander went live on Facebook where he reacted to Makagwapo’s video.

In the said video, he told his viewers that he and his partner Gena Mago are not in good terms because of the issue between him and content creator Christian Merck Grey (also known as Makagwapo).

He added that he received a call from a staff of TV5 show “Face to Face” and said that the show offered to help him solve the issue between him and Makagwapo.

Ngayon, sige, titignan ko Christian Merck Grey kung hanggang saan yang galing mo,” he said. “Kakausapin ko yung staff ng TV5 na dun sa Face to Face kung pupuwede akong mag-ano dun sa kanila para malaman din nila at malaman ng mga tao yung side ko.

When Merck asked, “Saan mo dinala yung PHP 336,000 in just 2 days?” Xander said that he already spent the money on something “mabuti”. However, the social media personality decided not to reveal what he bought at that time.

Xander ended the video by telling Makagwapo to delete the video once he returned the money to him.

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On Sunday evening, Xander posted an update on his Facebook page saying “wala na ako asawa” and he can’t be with his son because of Makagwapo.

Dahil sayo Merck wala na ako asawa at hindi kuna makasama ang anak ko,” he said in his post.

Xander Arizala

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