Makagwapo Reacts After Xander Arizala Says He Will Return The Money To Him

Makagwapo to Xander Arizala: “Hindi ako ‘yung nagpapahamak sa’yo. Ikaw ‘yung nagpapahamak sa sarili mo

MAKAGWAPO – Here’s what the content creator said after watching Xander Arizala’s video saying that he will return the money to him.

Xander posted a video on Friday where he told Makagwapo that he will return the PHP 350,000 that he receive and also told Makagwapo to delete the video that he posted on his YouTube channel.

Content creator Makagwapo (also known as Christian Merck Grey) posted a video on his YouTube channel where he gave a reaction to Xander’s recent Facebook post.


In a video, he said he decided to release the vlog — a video where he and Xander had a conversation inside the car — because it’s his right to do so. He also said that he posted it to serve as proof that he gave the money to Xander.

According to him, he’s okay for him to delete the said video once he received the money from Xander, adding that he will give money to his viewers instead because “mas deserve nila yung pera”.

But when he heard Xander saying that he will return the PHP 350,000 to him on an installment basis since he only has PHP 13,925.25 left, Makagwapo asked him, “Saan mo dinala yung PHP 336,000 in just 2 days?”

Makagwapo then shared a message for Xander after watching the video.

Hindi ako ‘yung nagpapahamak sa’yo. Ikaw ‘yung nagpapahamak sa sarili mo,” he said to Xander. “Ano na namang iisipin ng mga tao sa’yo? Tapos ako sisisihin mo na naman?

The content creator ended his video by telling Xander to return at least half of PHP 350,000 to him if he wants him to delete the video.

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To recall, Xander Arizala’s former manager posted a video on Facebook page of Hungry Boss PH last June 2, 2023 where he gave a check worth PHP 500,000 to the social media personality.

Xander was also told by his former manager, who is also a “ninong” of baby Xeres, to return to Star Image by 2025.

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