Flight Attendant Achieves Dream of Becoming an Airline Cabin Crew Member After 17 Attempts

After 17 attempts, Ish is now a flight attendant

FLIGHT ATTENDANT – After more than 15 attempts, Ish achieved her dream of becoming an airline cabin crew member,

Becoming a flight attendant in the Philippines is a challenging endeavor. The industry is highly competitive, with a large number of aspiring candidates vying for limited positions. Airlines set stringent requirements, including age limits, height and weight standards, educational qualifications, language proficiency, and good health.

The selection process involves multiple stages, such as exams, interviews, group discussions, and physical assessments, where applicants must demonstrate their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and customer service orientation. Once selected, aspiring flight attendants undergo rigorous training programs covering safety procedures, emergency protocols, in-flight service, and grooming standards.

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Maintaining a professional appearance is crucial, with strict guidelines on hairstyles, makeup, uniforms, and overall grooming. Despite the difficulties, with determination, preparation, and a genuine passion for the job, many individuals successfully embark on a rewarding career as flight attendants in the Philippines.

Speaking of which, a certain flight attendant named Ish shared her story in an interview about how she achieved her dream of becoming a flight attendant. Ish works as a cabin crew member for Philippine Airlines, also known as PAL.

However, before fulfilling her dream, she made more than 15 attempts, approximately 17 tries. Fortunately, she eventually qualified after facing several rejections. She did not let the rejections discourage her from pursuing her long-time dream. Watch the video below, courtesy of Mond Ortiz:

In the said clip, Ish shared her advice for those aspiring to become flight attendants. She also revealed what motivates her every time her application gets rejected.

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