Driver in Finland Fined P7.2 Million for Speeding

Due to speeding, a driver in Finland faces a P7.2 million fine

FINLAND – A wealthy driver recently found himself facing a significant financial penalty of €121,000 (equivalent to P7.2 million) due to exceeding the speed limit. It is worth noting that Finland calculates fines based on the income of the offender, which means that individuals with higher incomes may receive larger fines.

Anders Wiklöf, the driver in question, claimed that he had already reduced his vehicle’s speed as he entered a zone with a speed limit of 50 kilometers per hour. However, the police contradicted his statement, stating that Wiklöf’s car was clocked at a speed of 82 kilometers per hour when he was apprehended.

In addition to the substantial fine, Wiklöf’s driver’s license was suspended for a period of 10 days, further impacting his ability to operate a vehicle during that time.


Expressing remorse for his actions, Wiklöf acknowledged his regret in an interview with Nya Aaland, the primary newspaper in the Aaland Islands—an autonomous region of Finland situated in the Baltic Sea.

During the interview, Wiklöf expressed a hope that the considerable sum of money generated from his fine would be directed towards healthcare, perhaps as a means of contributing to society in some way.

This incident is not the first time Wiklöf has been caught violating speed limits in Finland. In 2013, he gained notoriety after paying a fine of 95,000 euros (approximately 5.7 million in the local currency) for excessive speeding. Then, in 2018, he repeated his offense and faced a penalty of €63,680 (around P3.8 million).

Wiklöf is renowned as the wealthiest resident of Aaland. He holds the position of chairman in a company that has stakes in various sectors, including logistics, helicopter services, real estate, trade, and tourism. His involvement in these industries has contributed to his affluent status within the region.

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