Sam Pinto Speaks On Being Married To Anthony Semerad

Sam Pinto on marriage: “It’s not how people said it would be”

SAM PINTO — The actress recently spoke about being married to her husband, basketball player Anthony Semerad.

Anthony Semerad and Sam Pinto became a couple last August 2018, announced their engagement last June 2019, got married in March 2021, and welcomed baby Mia last September 2021.

The actress appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” where she spoke about being married to her partner.

Sam Pinto
Screenshot from GMA Network video on YouTube

Sam was asked in an interview what marriage is like. In response, the actress said that marriage is not how people said it would be.

The actress shared that people advised her not to tie the knot. She also said that her mother asked her at that time if she’s sure she want to get married, adding that her parents are separated and so her mother knows all the hardships that come with marriage.

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According to Sam, being married to a person is “having somebody there with you, for you, anytime, anywhere”.

Sam also shared that having a baby certainly changed their dynamics. The actress added that everything revolves around her daughter Mia and all the attention goes to her baby girl.

In the same interview, she shared the reason why she walked away from the showbiz industry in 2017. She shared that she decided to take a break because she has felt tired and burnt out about work at that time.

Sam added that the timing favored her because it also coincided with the building of her boutique resort in Baler.

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