Makagwapo Gives Update On Meetup With Xander Arizala

Makagwapo to Xander Arizala: “Ayokong malalaman na ginamit mo’to sa luho mo o sa kahit ano.”

MAKAGWAPO – Content creator Christian Merck Grey finally meets Xander Arizala hours after Xander said he’s planning to go to Senator Raffy Tulfo.

To recall, Xander said that he gave Makagwapo another chance to meet him at his house and turn over the money to him.

Makagwapo posted a video on Wednesday where he share what happened during the meetup that happened on Tuesday night.

Makagwapo Xander Arizala

In the said video, he shared the reason why he wasn’t able to go to the house of “Kalapangit” (referring to Xander). He shared that he’s in Cavite on Monday, went to Naic, ate food in Tagaytay, and attended business meetings in Quezon City.

The content creator also said that he saw Xander’s post where he said he’s planning to go to Senator Raffy Tulfo and hiring a lawyer if he didn’t show up again. He then decided to go to Xander’s house to end the issue between the two of them.

Merck then went there and saw him at the street. He then let Xander enter the car and talked about the issue.

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When Merck asked Xander if he really promised him, Xander said, “Sabihin na nating walang promise, …” and explained that he relied to his word when he said he will give money to him at that time.

Merck then said that he will give the money to Xander’s girlfriend. When Merck asked Xander about his partner’s whereabouts, Xander said, “Wala ka na dun. Kahit sa akin mo ibigay yan, ako na bahala dun. Ako naman ang tatay eh.

The content creator then explained that he will give the money to Xander and he wants his partner to be the witness of their transaction.

Xander then told Merck that he will deposit the money to his son’s bank account and “magse-celebrate kami ng tropa ko”. Merck then gave the money to Xander and told him not to post anything about him.

Ang kapalit nito, ilalagay mo ’to sa bangko ng inaanak ko. Pangalawa, ayokong nang magbibidyo ka ng kahit anong sh** tungkol sa akin,” he told Xander. “Ayoko na may maririnig ako sa’yo. Ayokong malalaman na ginamit mo ’to sa luho mo [o] sa kahit ano. Ayoko. Pag ‘yun nalaman ko, maniwala ka, hindi mo ‘to magugustuhan.

Xander went out of Merck’s car after receiving the money and agreeing on their agreement. The social media personality can be heard saying, “Ang b*** mo. Ibibigay mo rin pala eh.

The content creator then drove the car going to Quezon City and told his viewers that he decided to give the money to end the issue between him and Xander.

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