Joyce Pring Shares Reason Why She Loves Staying At Home

Joyce Pring: “I never thought I’d say this but… I love staying at home.”

JOYCE PRING – The podcast host and content creator recently shared the reason why she loves staying at home.

The celebrity mom posted a series of photos on her social media account – one is a photo with her husband Juancho Triviño and their children Eliam and Aggie, and one is a selfie photo of herself.

In the caption of her social media post, she shared the reason why she loves staying at home.

Joyce Pring
Photos: Joyce Pring / Instagram

She explained that she had always preferred being out of her house ever since she was a teenager.

According to her, she liked hanging out at coffee shops, seeing her friends, traveling, going to random gigs, or anything to keep her out of her house. She added that she would even rent hotel rooms during weekends and have “staycations” at that time.

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But since she already has two children, she said that all she wants to do is to stay at home.

I don’t like going out as much. If I’m seeing friends, I’m hosting in our home,” she said. “As much as I can, if it doesn’t involve the beach or international travel, I would rather be at home.

Meanwhile, Joyce released a vlog on her YouTube channel where she and her husband tried some “weird pregnancy cravings”.

Joyce Pring and Juancho Triviño became a couple in December 2018 and got engaged last August 2019. They tied the knot last October 2019 and got married for the second time last February 2020.

The celebrity mom welcomed Alonso Eliam last July 2021 and gave birth to Agnes Eleanor last April 2023.

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