Jeepney Driver Nanay Goes Viral: “Solid mag drive chill lang eh”

Meet the jeepney driver nanay

“SOLID MAG DRIVE” – A jeepney driver “nanay” has gone viral, garnering mixed reactions online.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of female jeepney drivers in the Philippines. Traditionally, this occupation has been dominated by men, but more and more women are now taking on the role. Female jeepney drivers have proven their ability to navigate the busy streets of cities and rural areas, handling the challenges of the job with skill and determination.

The rise of female jeepney drivers can be attributed to various factors. Some women have chosen this profession as a means of supporting their families and earning a livelihood. Others have taken up driving as a response to economic pressures or as a way to challenge gender stereotypes and pursue their passion for driving.

Being a female jeepney driver is not without its difficulties. They face the same challenges as their male counterparts, such as long hours, heavy traffic, and dealing with difficult passengers. In addition, female drivers may also have to confront gender biases and societal expectations.

Speaking of which, netizens were captivated by a viral post from engineering student Kyle, featuring their memorable ride on a jeepney with his classmates. The driver, a woman, drove with a “solid” and “chill” demeanor.

In an interview with Balita, Kyle shared that it had become their routine to travel together from their school to Monumento. They coincidentally rode nanay’s vacant jeepney one evening, and her driving skills impressed them.

Despite her age, nanay had a sharp vision and drove in a relaxed manner, making the experience feel like a field trip. Kyle expressed regret that Nanay’s route didn’t extend to Antipolo, as they didn’t want to disembark from her jeepney. The unexpected viral reaction to the post includes over 14,000 reactions, 62 comments, and 7,400 shares.

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