Grist To The Mill Meaning & Sentence Examples

Grist To The Mill Definition, Sentence Examples

GRIST TO THE MILL MEANING – Find out what grist to the mill really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

“Grist to the mill” is a 1583 expression from the milling sector. Most people relied on flour produced by mills that grind cereals into flour. The idiom must be understood in light of milling. Grain ground in a mill is referred to as “grist”. Farmers brought their harvest to the mill to make flour. Grist was transformed into money-making flour using millstones. For the mill to run and produce flour, grain was required.

“Grist to the mill” refers to something good, practical, or advantageous. Grit is the raw material or information needed to achieve a goal.


Grist To The Mill Meaning:

  • something that provides a useful advantage.
  • anything that has a definite use or function.
  • something that backs up a viewpoint.
  • something that initially appears negative or unpleasant but is ultimately used for good.

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Here are examples of sentences that use grist to the mill:

  1. Now that Gina is a writer, she regards her difficult childhood experiences as grist to the mill.
  2. The negative comments about Yael’s performance were grist to the mill for his motivation to prove himself and work harder.
  3. The recent market research data is grist to the mill for our marketing team, helping them fix their strategies effectively.

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