Former Seaman, Now a Grocery Store Owner

From seaman to businessman

FROM SEAMN TO BUSINESSMAN – After years of hard work, a former seafarer from Iloilo has successfully transitioned to being a grocery store owner.

Tata Muyco, a seafarer by profession, recently revealed the secret behind the growth of his small business, which he established during the pandemic. When the pandemic prevented him from returning to his seafaring job, he made the bold decision to start a small store in his hometown of Iloilo.

Despite initial reservations, Tata used his savings to set up a small convenience store. He started small but never gave up on his dreams. In February 2020, amid the challenging circumstances of the pandemic, he took the leap and opened his store. Overcoming his past struggles in finding employment, Tata found the courage to venture into the business world.

seaman to grocery store owner

Fortunately, things have been going well for Tata, and his store has been operating for two years now. Drawing inspiration from successful entrepreneurs, he adopted a simple yet effective strategy of managing his cash flow and carefully selecting a prime location.

Tata and his team saved their earnings and diligently sought out a dependable and affordable supplier who could provide all the necessary items for their store.

“Nag umpisa lng din po ako sa maliit, hindi po ako sumuko, tamang cash flow lng, nag open po kami ng store namin Feb. 202, pandemic year, pahirapan po kasi dati makabalik sa trabaho kaya lakas loob na pumasok sa negosyo, so far ok din naman po, kapit lng 2 years na po kami,” shared Muyco.

Tata’s approach revolves around effective financial management, securing a favorable location, saving profits, and establishing a strong partnership with a reliable supplier who offers competitive prices. He also emphasized the importance of having a trustworthy supplier, as their reliability in delivering goods plays a critical role in the success of the business.

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