Female Teacher Plays Drums While Her Students Sing

Teacher playing drums goes viral

DRUMMER TEACHER – A video of a female teacher playing drums while her students sing has gone viral, garnering mixed reactions from the netizens.

Playing drums involves striking various drums and cymbals with sticks or other tools to create rhythmic and percussive sounds. It is a vital part of many music genres and requires coordination, timing, and a sense of rhythm. Drummers use different techniques to produce a range of sounds and can adapt their playing to complement other musicians.

Drumming can be done solo or as part of a band, and it allows for self-expression and creativity. Learning drums requires practice and proper technique, and it offers physical and mental benefits such as improved coordination and stress relief. Drumming adds energy and excitement to music, making it a dynamic and expressive art form.

teacher playing drums

While drumming has traditionally been dominated by male musicians, there have been many talented and influential female drummers who have broken barriers. Among those is a teacher and TikToker who goes by the name @indzaelhez.

Recently, she went to the video-sharing platform, TikTok wherein she uploaded a video of her playing drums. In the background, her students can be heard singing to the tune of Nobela by Join the Club. Watch the video below:

@indzaelhez A very quick jammin’ after my COT Before lunchbreak 😊 #nocopyrightinfringementintended #nocopyrightmusic #nocopyrightinfringement #nocopyright ♬ original sound – Indzae Lhez 🇵🇭

As of press time, the video has already earned more than 800K views. It also generated mixed reactions from the netizens. Some netizens couldn’t help but get astounded by the teacher’s drumming skills. One netizen even expressed interest to attend one of her classes. Here are some of the comments:

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