Bianca Gonzalez Says Husband JC Intal “More Organized” Than Her

Bianca Gonzalez: “It is my husband who is more organized than me.

BIANCA GONZALEZ – The “Pinoy Big Brother” seasoned host recently shared that her husband JC Intal is “more organized” than her.

At the sidelines of hosting the summer launch of Ikea Philippines in Pasay City, the TV host said in an interview with that she’s “burara” but she’s trying to be a “recovering burara”.

She also said that her husband likes to take care of things and she relies on him for that.

Bianca Gonzalez and JC Intal
Photo: JC Intal / Instagram

In an interview with, the TV host and content creator shared that her husband always complains about her not unpacking her paper bags whenever she buy something.

But she said that having a support group helps her balance her life and career as a hands-on mom and a content creator.

Now that my kids are older, mas namamanage ko na ‘yung mom health that’s because I guess I’m at peace with the fact na kailangan ko ding alagaan ‘yung sarili ko and I have to fix myself for me to take care of them better,” she said.

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Bianca also said that having a break, even at household chores, helps a mother “more efficient at loving her family”. Citing herself as an example, the TV host said that she tries her best to workout as much as she could in order r her to stay healthy and fit for her family.

She also said that a person becomes more patient with one’s family when a person does things for oneself, adding that a person is more energized to care for one’s family.

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