Romnick Sarmenta Speaks On Working As Child Actor

Romnick Sarmenta: “I am grateful for everything that I’ve gone through.”

ROMNICK SARMENTA – The “About Us But Not About Us” star recently spoke about working in showbiz industry as a child actor.

The actor was asked during the media conference and screening of “About Us But Not About Us” if he felt he was deprived of happiness because he started working in showbiz industry at a young age.

According to him, he didn’t feel it even when he started working at such a young age playing Peping in “Gulong ng Palad”.

Romnick Sarmenta
Screenshot from “About Us But Not About Us” movie trailer on YouTube

Romnick also pointed out that he can’t speak about the experience of other people as they were personal experiences. He also said that he’s grateful for everything that he has gone through.

Ako, there can be some things that I can be sour about. With this business. But, when I look at it from a different perspective, I just have to find a reason to be grateful, whatever it is,” Romnick said. “So, I am grateful for everything that I’ve gone through.

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The actor feels he’s blessed to have been given a lead role in the movie at his age.

According to him, he didn’t get picked out because he has a PR team and he still thinks he got picked out because “we have a good relationship during previous work that they remember na, ‘Uy, madali katrabaho si Romnick’.

According to a report on Inquirer, “About Us But Not About Us” is written and directed by Jun Robles Lana. The said movie is one of the official entries in 1st Summer MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival).

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