Pinoy Garbage Collector Picks Up Rolex Worth PHP300,000

Rolext worth P300K found by Pinoy garbage collector in Japan

VINTAGE WATCH – A Filipino garbage collector seemed to have won the lottery after picking up a Rolex worth P300,000.

Chris (not his real name), a garbage collector in Japan, stumbled upon a vintage watch while collecting garbage from abandoned houses. Chris shared photos of the watches he found on social media and received positive feedback from netizens with some offering to buy them. His story was feaatured on KMJS.

Upon returning to the Philippines in 2022, Chris brought the watches he found with him and gave half of them as gifts to his family. He suspected that the remaining half was of high value, particularly a watch with a silver and gold strap featuring the crown symbol, which is characteristic of a Rolex watch. Chris had the watches evaluated by a watch expert, who confirmed that one of the watches, a Rolex DateJust model with a reference number of 1601, was genuine and had a value of PHP300,000.

Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Chris discovered that the total value of the watches he found, including brands like Citizen Homer, Wired Chronograph, Alba Chronograph, Cenit, and Rossi Valentino, was estimated to be worth hundreds of thousands of pesos due to their vintage nature. Chris was encouraged by the positive response from netizens and the expert evaluation of his watches. He plans to sell the Rolex watch and possibly the other valuable watches he found.

It is worth noting that Andy Arnesto, the watch expert consulted by Chris, emphasized that the value of a vintage watch increases if it is rarer or older and no longer available in the market. Chris’s story serves as a reminder that treasures can be found in unexpected places, and sometimes all it takes is a little curiosity and persistence to discover them.

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