Pia Magalona Shares Reason Why She Agreed To Sell Francis Magalona’s “Bagsakan” Polo For A Cause

Pia Magalona: “Siyempre ako, instantly it’s for a cause because …”

PIA MAGALONA – The wife of late OPM rapper Francis Magalona shared the reason why she agreed to sell her husband’s “Bagsakan” polo for a cause.

To recall, it was last March 1, 2023 when Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda shared that he messaged Pia’s daughter Saab Magalona and asked about Francis Magalona’s “Bagsakan” polo.

At that time, Chito said that Saab informed him that her mother found it and agreed that she wanted to sell it for Gab Chee Kee.

Boss Toyo and Pia Magalona
Photo: Parokya ni Edgar / Facebook

On Thursday, content creator Boss Toyo released a new Pinoy Pawnstars episode titled “Pinoy Pawnstars Ep.174 – Ang Bubuo sa Holy Grail ng Bagsakan ‘ Francis M ‘” where he and his partner went to FrancisM Clothing Company (FMCC) to claim the “Bagsakan” polo of the late OPM rapper.

Boss Toyo, who won the auction for the said polo, also had the opportunity to meet and interview Francis M’s wife and FMCC staff.

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During the interview, Pia thanked her daughter Saab for being in touch with her regarding the polo that her late husband used in the music video for “Bagsakan”. She shared that she’s aware of what happened to Gab and they’re also trying to do their own thing to help the guitarist.

Si Saab, nag message lang siya and then she said, ‘Are you willing to part with it?’ for this [cause]. Siyempre ako, instantly it’s for a cause because I went through the same thing with Francis,” she said. “Aside from the fact na you’re trying to fight for your life, eh yung financial [expenses] iniisip mo yun, di ba. Problemado ka dun.

Pia also shared that it’s hard for her to part with it because it’s sentimental to her.

She went on to tell Boss Toyo that she’s happy that her late husband’s polo will go to where he will give it a home together with the “brothers” – Gloc-9’s polo and Chito Miranda’s polo.

It’s difficult kasi si Chito and si Gloc, they’re there, so it’s theirs, so they gave it. But me na he’s gone already, di ba? So I’m very sentimental,” she said.  

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