Nathalie Hart Says She’s Ready To Get Married With Australian Fiancé

Nathalie Hart: “If that person is really meant for you, then so be it.”

NATHALIE HART – The “Kunwari Mahal Kita” star recently shared that she’s ready to tie the knot with her Australian fiancé.

The actress and her Australian fiancé are engaged, but she prefers not to reveal the details of her wedding

Nathalie shared in an interview with ABS-CBN News that she was “a lot open” with her relationship before, adding that she and her boyfriend were about to get married but they canceled a week before the wedding date.

Nathalie Hart
Photo: Nathalie Hart / Instagram

The actress told ABS-CBN News that she feels it will be nice to really tie the knot before sharing a lot of things. She also said that she has learned so much from her mistakes in the past.

To recall, The  took a break from show business when she had a long vacation in Australia, last year, where her family is based.

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According to her, she has been living here in the Philippines for so long and she hasn’t seen her own family in Sydney, Australia.

It was really nice to be there again and I was looking at things that I wanted to really do there. Having a break was actually a great, special time for me. I really needed it,” she told ABS-CBN News.

In the same interview, the celebrity mom shared that her daughter Penelope still doesn’t have an idea that her mother is an actress and a celebrity.

When asked if she did protect her daughter from showbiz or public moments, she said that she doesn’t care about it as she posts a lot of things about her daughter but she doesn’t have her own social media account yet.

She also said that she will allow her daughter to venture into show business when she expresses her desire to do so “as long as kaya niyang pagsabayin ang studies niya and career”.

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