Loisa Andalio Speaks On Ronnie Alonte As Business Partner

Loisa Andalio: “Si Ronnie na-discover ko na magaling din sa business.”

LOISA ANDALIO – The actress-entrepreneur recently shared how she described her boyfriend Ronnie Alonte as a business partner.

It was last November when Loisa and Ronnie opened their Farron cafe business. Aside from this, Loisa has also been busy nurturing another investment with two friends which they launched in the middle of last year.

Loisa also revealed that aside from venturing into health and beauty drinks, she and her partners also expanded into another brand this year.

Loisa Andalio
Photo: Loisa Andalio / Instagram

In an interview with PUSH, Loisa shared why it has not been too challenging to manage several businesses at the same time this 2023.

Sa aming tatlo (ni Cielo Eusebio at Jackie Gonzaga) kasi nung in-open namin yung Bloom Project na mga healthy drinks, ang goal talaga namin pang-long term eh. So habang dini-develop yung Bloom Project, dini-develop din namin yung Saku Skin,” Loisa said. “Yung Farron (cafe) kami dalawa naman kami ni Ronnie tapos sa Bloom Project at Saku Skin tatlo kami. May mga partners ako sa madali din, hindi din ganun kabigat.

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The actress went on to reveal something new she observed about her boyfriend now that they’re not just partners in life but also in business as well. According to her, she discovered that Ronnie is good at business and also good at thinking outside the box.

Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte
Photo: @pushalerts / Instagram

When it comes to working on separate projects, the actress told PUSH that she and her boyfriend don’t need to ask each other’s permission to say yes to a project. However, she said that she appreciates Ronnie always being open with her.

As her boyfriend’s number 1 cheerleader on and off the basketball court, she said that Ronnie is equally supportive and loving to her in different ways. She also said that her boyfriend loves to wear matching couple footwear as well.

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