Kris Bernal Reacts To Husband’s Post After Baby Reveal

KRIS BERNAL – Following the announcement that they’re expecting their first child, the actress recently reacted to her husband’s Instagram post.

On Friday, Perry Choi posted a photo of his wife and simply captioned “Good morning!!!”. In the said photo, Kris can be seen in front of a toilet bowl. The actress then shared her husband’s post on Instagram Stories and gave a reaction after seeing his post.

Ilang weeks akong nag-plan ng baby reveal, gamito lang ang entry niya,” she said in the caption of her post on Instagram Stories.

Kris Bernal
Photo: Kris Bernal / Instagram Stories

Kris Bernal and Perry Choi Expecting First Child

Kris Bernal and Perry Choi are expecting their first child.

KRIS BERNAL AND PERRY CHOI – Actress and content creator Kris Bernal announced that she and her husband are expecting their first child.

The actress released a series of “movie posters” on her social media account along with an announcement that she’s pregnant.

In one of the photos posted on her Instagram account, Perry Choi can be seen holding the sonogram of their first child, while Kris Bernal can be seen holding the pregnancy test kit.

Kris Bernal and Perry Choi
Photo: Kris Bernal / Instagram

According to Kris, she and Perry weren’t really “trying” to have a baby but they’re blessed with pregnancy.

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The actress-entrepreneur also said that she had suspicion weeks before finding out the good news, but she was able to confirm that she’s pregnant when “something happened”.

It happened – we weren’t really ‘trying’ but we were blessed with pregnancy!” she wrote. “I can still remember I’ve felt a rush of different emotions when the test showed two lines.

Kris also wrote an appreciation post for her husband in a separate post.

According to her, Perry has been “very hands on” in taking care of her as he puts up with all her crazy mood swings, reminds her of the do’s and don’ts of her doctor, and makes sure that she takes her medicines on time, among others.

She went on to tell her husband that he has what it takes to welcome parenthood and he will “def nail this whole dad thing”.

Meanwhile, Perry posted a photo of his wife in front of the toilet bowl.

He simply captioned his post with “Good morning!!!” While some netizens congratulated him in the comments section of his post, others said that the actress is experiencing “morning sickness”.

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