Jane de Leon Gives Update On Mom’s Wrist Surgery

Jane de Leon to her mother: “You’re such a strong person mama and I am proud of you.”

JANE DE LEON – The actress recently gave an update after her mother underwent wrist surgery.

It was last March 13 when the actress disclosed her mom’s condition, saying that her mother had figured in an accident and underwent surgery. She didn’t disclose the details of the accident at that time.

Jane also posted a photo on her social media account wherein her mother can be seen lying in a hospital bed with an arm cast.

Jane de Leon and mother
Photo: Jane de Leon / Instagram

On Friday, Jane shared a series of photos on her social media account as she gave an update about her mother after she underwent wrist surgery.

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In the caption of her social media post, she revealed that it’s her mother’s 8th time to undergo an operation. She then told her mother that every surgery is extra dangerous for her because of her heart problem.

Every surgery is extra dangerous for you because of your heart problem. Yet here you are fighting for us,” she said to her mother. “The scars on your body made us call you ‘Frankenstein Mom’ to which you just answer with a smile.

Jane went on to tell her mother that she’s such a strong person and she’s proud of her.

Meanwhile, Jane’s mother Marie de Leon posted a series of photos on her social media account as she gave an update about her health.

According to her, she’s finally home and free from the hospital bed after “7 days of confinement”. She also said that she’s not physically well yet but she’s grateful and thankful to God for the successful operation despite her health condition.

This is my 5th major operation and my life’s testimony of how great our God is. His love and mercy is unwavering, powerful, and magnificent,” she said.

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