Goose Egg Meaning & Sentence Examples

Goose Egg Definition, Sentence Examples

GOOSE EGG MEANING – Find out what goose egg really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The phrase is an American equivalent of the British saying “duck egg” and it is extensively used in the sports world. The term “goose egg” first appears in writing most likely between the years 1350 and 1400.

This is a late 19th-century slang phrase meaning receiving a score of 0 in an athletic contest or game in the US (American English). A squad that fails to score any points or goals is said to have a goose egg. The expression is based on the way a goose egg looks like a zero. It takes the place of the term zero in sentences.


Goose Egg Meaning:

  • zero
  • nothing
  • 0 points in a game
  • a lump that develops after a blow (usually on the head)
  • swelling after being hit
  • lay a hen

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Here are examples of sentences that use goose egg:

  1. My daughter scored 3 out of 10. Well, it’s better than a goose egg.
  2. The volleyball hit Karen in the back of the head and an egg popped up immediately.
  3. Ian was crying and replied that we had a goose egg in the project.
  4. Last month’s revenue for the company was a big goose egg.

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