Dead In The Water Meaning & Sentence Examples

Dead In The Water Definition, Sentence Examples

DEAD IN THE WATER MEANING – Find out what dead in the water really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

“Dead in the water” is a nautical term that refers to navigation, the sea, boats, the maritime industry, sailors, etc. It originated from a story about a sailboat that was still on a windless day.

There were no real perceptible motions of the ship caused by the wind, giving the impression that it was still in the water.


Dead In The Water Meaning:

  • not being able to move
  • not being used appropriately
  • unable to take meaningful action
  • an attempt that fell short of the expected results
  • later on, something that initially seems impossible to succeed
  • unlikely to occur

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Here are examples of sentences that use dead in the water:

  1. Ben told me that the movie was bad. The chances to go and watch this movie in the cinema are dead in the water now.
  2. Kevin’s efforts didn’t work at all; this project is dead in the water.
  3. Their firm is trying to revive an income that is dead in the water.

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