Black Mood Meaning & Sentence Examples

Black Mood Definition, Sentence Examples

BLACK MOOD MEANING – Find out what black mood really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

This colloquial expression has been used for a long time to denote a variety of negative emotions, from anger to melancholy and depression. Black has historically been a color associated with darkness, doom, and death. There is no proof of a timeframe.


Black Mood Meaning:

  • to be enraged, irritable, or temperate
  • be gloomy, sad, or melancholy
  • feeling depressed, gloomy, blue, or annoyed

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Here are examples of sentences that use black mood:

  1. I apologized to Rick already. It told him that I was in a dark mood these days.
  2. Oliver was in one of his black moods today, and no amount of cajoling could snap him out of it.
  3. My mom suffered from black moods as she got older.
  4. Wendy was in a black mood for weeks after her car was stolen and her boyfriend dumped him for her best friend.

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