Bianca Umali Shares Reason Why She Is Not Afraid To Die

Bianca Umali: “I think it’s not scary for me to die kasi makikita ko sila ulit”

BIANCA UMALI – The Kapuso actress recently shared the reason why she is not afraid to die.

The actress appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” where she shared that her parents died when she was young. She also revealed the reason why she’s not afraid to die.

Bianca lost her mother when she’s 5 years old because of breast cancer and then lost her father when she’s 10 years old because of a heart attack.

Bianca Umali
Photo: Bianca Umali / Instagram

She said in an interview with Boy Abunda that she used to be afraid of death, but she thinks it’s not scary for her to die because she will see her parents again.

I used to be afraid of death,” she said. “But, now, thinking of it, now that you asked me, I think it’s not scary for me to die kasi makikita ko sila ulit. I know they will be with me, holding my hand when I go through it.

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The actress also shared that she didn’t really realize the gravity of her parents’ deaths because she’s so young when her parents passed away.

Bianca was raised by her grandmother, to whom she said she owes everything.

The actress was also asked to give a message to her late parents. According to her, she knows she’s not a perfect daughter all the time but she tries her best and she hopes she makes them proud.

Alam ko na hindi akong perpektong anak all the time, but I try my best and I hope I make you proud,” she said. “Lahat ng ginagawa ko ngayon ay para sa inyo, para sa ama at para kay mama. I dedicate everything to them.

In the same interview, the actress confirmed the rumors involving her and her boyfriend Ruru Madrid in a mall parking lot last 2019.

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