Ashley Ortega Says Juancho Triviño Was Her “First Love” and “First Boyfriend”

Ashley Ortega on Juancho Triviño: “I think naging out naman kami dati.”

ASHLEY ORTEGA – The “Hearts on Ice” lead star admitted that actor Juancho Triviño was her “first love” and “first boyfriend”.

The actress appeared on Friday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” wherein she was asked during the “Fast Talk” round if she ever fell in love with a leading man. In response, she said “Yes”.

When asked about the person whom she fell in love with, she answered, “Juancho Triviño”.

Ashley Ortega Juancho Triviño
Photos: Ashley Ortega / Instagram (right) | Juancho Triviño / Instagram (left)

Also during the “Fast Talk” round, Ashley told Boy Abunda that Juancho was her “first boyfriend”.

I think naging out naman kami dati,” she said. “First love and first boyfriend, ahhhh!

According to a report on GMA News Online, Ashley Ortega and Juancho Triviño previously worked together on several projects – including Kapuso shows “Maynila” and “Instadad”.

The actress also spoke about her breakup with Lucena Mayor Mark Alcala in an interview with Boy Abunda.

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She shared that she and Mark became very busy with their work. According to her, the distance between them became a problem and their connection and communication was also lost.

Pinaglaban ko naman ’til the very end,” Ashley said. “We had a mutual agreement and I respected his decision. Ayaw namin ipilit sa isa’t isa if we know it won’t work. Kasi if we know it won’t work, bakit pa ipaglalaban?

Ashley and Mark broke up 6 months ago and they haven’t seen nor spoken to each other since then. The actress also said that she doesn’t know if they’re friends but she has nothing against him.

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