Ruffa Gutierrez Reveals What Annabelle Rama Told Her during Marriage w/ Yilmaz Bektas

Ruffa Gutierrez Speaks on Annabelle Rama’s Marriage Advice to her

RUFFA GUTIERREZ – The actress-beauty queen revealed what her mother, Annabelle Rama, told her during her marriage with Yilmaz Bektas.

The Gutierrez family is one of the celebrity clans in the Philippines. Most of their family members are part of the Philippine showbiz industry. Their patriarch is the country’s Elvis Presley, veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez, one of the most handsome faces in the country.

Ruffa is the only daughter of Eddie and Annabelle. The celebrity couple have five (5) sons and a daughter. During her recent interview with Korina Sanchez for the latter’s vlog, the actress-beauty queen admitted that she really had a special treatment because she’s the only girl among them.

In 2003, actress Ruffa Gutierrez officially tied the knot with Turkish businessman, Yilmaz Bektas. They lived in Istanbul, Turkey after their wedding. Their marriage was blessed with two (2) daughters, Lorin and Venice. However, their marriage did not last long.

Ruffa Gutierrez, Yilmaz Bektas
Photo Credit: Philippine Star

In 2007, Ruffa and Yilmaz separated. Then, “cultural differences” were cited as the reasons behind their split. Annulment of their marriage was filed and it was granted in 2012. The actress-beauty queen has the custody of their daughters.

During her interview with Korina Sanchez, Ruffa Gutierrez revealed that Yilmaz Bektas is really a sweet and kind person so her mom, Annabelle Rama, is okay with him. He did not only court the actress-beauty queen but as well as her parents.

Photo Credit: Showbiz Portal

According to Ruffa, it was really a huge adjustment for her when she got married. She faced the challenge of living with a husband and submitting to him. Their daughters were also like twins as she got pregnant again just seven months after she gave birth to her eldest daughter.

Ruffa Gutierrez revealed that Annabelle Rama advised her that she and Yilmaz Bektas should take turns in giving way to each other in their marriage.

“Sabi ni mommy, ‘Ruffa, ito ha pakinggan mo. Kaya kami nagtagal ng daddy mo, pag mainit ang ulo ng isa, kailangan ikaw magpakumbaba. ‘Pag ikaw mainit ang ulo, dapat si Ylimaz magpakumbaba,'” the actress-beauty queen referring to her mother’s advice.

Annabelle stressed to Ruffa that anger should not be dealth with anger as it will result to conflict. Here’s the full vlog interview:

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