NOUN – Meaning & Its Examples Used in Sentence

What Is Noun & Its Examples

NOUN – Here is the meaning of this part of speech in English and some examples of nouns used in a sentence.

In learning English, one of the most important topics to master is the Parts of Speech. The mastery of this topic is vital in both speaking and writing. Undeniably, it is one of the topics in the subject which is considered a “foundation” in learning it.

Under the topic Parts of Speech, there are eight (8) main lessons or parts of speech that you should learn. The part of speech that is usually the first to be discussed is the Noun. You can check on the details about it below.

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Noun refers to a name of person, animal, event, or another thing – tangible or intangible. It is also used to name a group of people, place, or things that share at least one (1) characteristic. There are several types of nouns.

Before going to other topics about nouns, here are some examples of this part of speech:

  • Doctor
  • Jeremy Uytingco
  • University of St. La Salle
  • New Year
  • Mr. Leonardo Guadalupe
  • Pig
  • Beef Salpicao
  • Erica Santibañez
  • Carpenter
  • Aries
  • Padua Workship Center
  • Toyota Vios
  • Lizard
  • Teacher
  • National Heroes’ Day
  • Vlogger
  • The Guardian website
  • Wallet
  • Car Key
  • Paint

Examples of Nouns (in italicized form) Used in a Sentence:

  • The doctor went out early because one of his patients had an emergency.
  • Why do you prefer a Ford Ranger truck over Toyota Wigo?
  • Louie was asked by his elder sister to check on the mall schedules during the holiday season so they will have an idea in case there are last-minute purchases.
  • Did the carpenter tell you that you will need to buy ten (10) more sacks of cement so the works at the kitchen will push through?
  • The song that Joshua wrote is dedicated to his late mother who died of cancer when he was only three (3) years old.
  • Did Santino call this morning about the preparations for the upcoming birthday of his mother?

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