Mechanic in Pangasinan Turns Scrap Metal into Amazing Artworks

Scrap metal artworks of Denis Fernandez

DENIS FERNANDEZ – A 55-year-old mechanic has a one-of-a-kind ability to turn scrap metal into amazing artworks.

scrap metal artworks
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

His scrap metal artworks usually feature animals, mythological characters, and characters from the Bible.

Dennis studied architecture during college but he was not able to gradute due to financial problems. Instead, his father taught him how to fix cars as a mechanic. His fascination with scrap metal began while working at a car assembly company in Japan.

Denis expressed surprise at how the cars were assembled at the company where he worked. However, after his father died in 2007, he returned to the Philippines and has remained here ever since.

In 2016, he purchased a welding machine. Then, he considered his hobby of making artworks out of scrap metals.

He considered himself lucky because he began his hobby prior to the pandemic. During the lockdown, he honed his scrap metal art skills, which is also beneficial to his mental health. His hobby is also a way for him to help save the environment.

Denis had already completed approximately 100 scrap metal art pieces as of posting. He has sold some of his artworks while giving others as gifts to friends and family.

According to, Denis also gave an advice to those who have passion in art but believe it is too late. “Laban pa rin po tayo. Huwag tayong panghinaan ng loob habang buhay at medyo malakas pa tayo,” he said.

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