Marjorie Barretto Mentions Gretchen Barretto in Vlog Interview w/ Son Leon

Leon Barretto Interviews Mom Marjorie Barretto for Vlog – “Questions I Never Asked My Mom”

MARJORIE BARRETTO – The former actress mentioned her sister, Gretchen Barretto, during her vlog interview with her son, Leon Barretto.

The Barrettos is one of the most popular families in the showbiz industry. Three (3) of their family members, Gretchen, Majorie, and Claudine, are among the most popular actresses in the industry. The clan also has new stars like Julia.

However, being a celebrity family, the clashes among sisters also did not skip the public’s eyes. It is no secret to the people that Marjorie and Gretchen have a rift that is seemingly ongoing for several years now.

Both actresses have left the limelight of showbiz. Marjorie Barretto is now focusing on devoting her time as a mother to her five children – Dani, Julia, Claudia, Leon, and Erich.

Dani is Marjorie’s daughter with her ex-boyfriend, actor Kier Legaspi. Julia, Claudia, and Leon are her children with ex-husband Dennis Padilla while Erich, her youngest daughter, is her daughter with former Mayor Recom Echiverri.

Recently, Leon Barretto, the only son of Marjorie Barretto, interview the former actress for his vlog. His entry was entitled, “Questions I have Never Asked my Mom”.

During the vlog interview, Marjorie Barretto mentioned Gretchen Barretto when she was asked by her son if she really wanted to be an actress. According to her, then, she was always with Gretchen who was a very popular actress so the next step to her was also to be one. She tagged being an actress as “inevitable” on her part.

Marjorie Barretto, Gretchen Barretto
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According to Marjorie, becoming an actress was not really her dream. She wanted to go to Les Roches, a school in Switzerland where she wants to take a course in hotel and restaurant management. However, her family could not afford it then. Here’s the vlog interview posted on YouTube:

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