Marjorie Barretto and Dani Barretto Share Message For Kier Legaspi’s Mother On Her Birthday

Marjorie Barretto and Dani Barretto shared a message for Kier Legaspi’s mother on her birthday

Marjorie Barretto and Dani Barretto recently shared a message for Kier Legaspi’s mother Hershey on her birthday.

Marjorie Barretto and Dani Barretto
Photo: Dani Barretto / Instagram

Marjorie and her daughter showed their love and appreciation for Kier’s mother as they marked her birthday last Sunday, October 16, 2022.

Dani posted throwback pictures of her and her grandmother together on her Instagram account and also shared her heartwarming birthday message for her. In the caption, she told her grandmother that it’s her turn to take care of her and spoil her rotten.

I can’t thank you enough, Mama. Now its my turn to take care of you and spoil you rotten. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people on earth!” Dani wrote in the caption of her social media post.

Her mother also shared her short-but-sweet birthday greeting for Kier’s mother in the comments section fo Dani’s post, saying, “Happy Birthday Tita Hershey. I love you very much.”

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Dani Barretto is the daughter of Kier Legaspi and Marjorie Barretto.

Although Dani Barretto is close to her grandmother, she has long been estranged from her father. She said in an interview with Vicki Belo last 2021 that the last time she and her father saw each other was 7 years ago.

I called him [to tell him about] a lot of things. Parang because I also had a baby. I was very emotional because I knew he was just there. I want my daughter to know him,” she said at that time.

Marjorie Barretto also has a daughter with politician Recom Echiverri and three children with actor-comedian Dennis Padilla — including actress Julia Barretto.

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