Manny Pacquiao Congratulates Son Jimuel for Winning his 7th Amateur Fight

Jimuel Pacquiao, Eldest Son of Manny Pacquiao, Wins his 7th Amateur Fight

MANNY PACQUIAO – The Boxing Legend congratulated his eldest son, Jimuel Pacquiao, for winning his 7th amateur boxing fight.

Before he ran for the presidential race in May 2022, former Senator Manny Pacquiao announced his retirement from boxing. His success in the field was the key for him to take his family out from poverty and live a completely different life.

It is no secret to the public that Pacman came from a poor family. He had to stop from schooling to be able to help his parents earn money for their family. Meanwhile, his determination and hardwork have helped him get on the top of the boxing field.

Pacquiao defeated several boxing champions from different countries. His success in the boxing field helped him acquire billions. He and his family now owns several businesses across the nation as well as multi-million residential properties in different parts of the country.

The Pacquiao family also has residential properties abroad. The boxer-turned-Senator is married to Jinkee Pacquiao and they have five (5) children – Jimuel, Michael, Princess, Queenie, and Israel. Their eldest son is into boxing while their second eldest, Michael, is into music. The former Senator has always been vocal of his high regard for education for his children.

Former Sen. Manny Pacquiao is vocal that he initially did not want any of his sons to join boxing saying that it is a painful sport. However, his eldest son, Jimuel, still got the approval and support of his parents because he is really into boxing like his father.

Recently, Jimuel Pacquiao won his 7th amateur boxing fight. On Instagram, former Sen. Manny Pacquiao expressed his congratulations to his eldest son for winning his match and how proud he is of him. Here’s his Instagram post:

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