Lolit Solis Criticizes Pokwang for Speaking Out Against Her Ex-partner

Lolit Solis has this reaction on Fast Talk interview of Pokwang

LOLIT SOLIS – The showbiz veteran took to social media wherien she criticized Pokwang for speaking out against her ex-partner Lee O’Brian.

Lolit Solis and Pokwang
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On Friday, Pokwang, whose real name Marietta Subong, explained in an interview with Boy Abunda why she and her ex-boyfriend Lee O’Brian split.

In the first segment of the interview, Boy Abunda questioned Pokwang on her decision to lies about their breakup when it was first rumored last year. She asserts that she acted in such a way in order to cover up Malia’s father.

Then, she revealed the reason of their misunderstanding- their gourmet food business called “PokLee”. Pokwang said that she only wanted to keep updated about the status of their business but it was taken negatively by Lee. At the moment, she started to become emotional.

The comedienne revealed that she and her ex-partner barely talk until such time they had a confrontation. She feels that Lee lost respect in their relationship. Pokwang was hurt because it seemed her years of fighting for Lee since many were against of their relationship were put into vain.

Her revelations against her ex-partner Lee O’Brian earned feedbacks from Lolit Solis. The showbiz veteran stressed that she should not have spoken out against her ex-partner considering that they have a child.

“Bakit ba hindi puwede mag move on na walang masakit na salita,” she said. “Sayang kasi ang pinag samahan na matatapos lang at biglang magiging ugly war with words na hindi naman dapat mangyari,” she added.

Here’s the Instagram post of Lolit Solis:

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