Kris Aquino Finds “Renewed Confidence” After Getting New Doctor

Kris Aquino: “I do have a strong chance of getting better”

KRIS AQUINO – The former TV host recently shared that she found a “renewed confidence” after getting a new doctor.

Kris Aquino
Screenshot from Kris Aquino video on Instagram

Kris posted a video on her Instagram account as she gave an update about her battle with multiple autoimmune disorders.

On Thursday (Philippine time), the former TV host shared the good news with her social media followers as she announced that she found a “renewed confidence” that she will finally get better this time.

In the caption of her post, Kris thanked Michael for being one of the most loyal friends she has, saying that she couldn’t be more thankful for her children finding an “adoptive kuya” in him.

As seen in the video posted on Instagram, Kris can be seen being surprised by her two sons Bimby and Josh as well as fashion designer Michael Leyva with balloons, flowers, and a cake.

The media personality went on to thank him for putting in extra effort to make sure he gets to be present on the first day of her face-to-face consultation with her new doctor.

She also thanked those who supported her including those who kept praying for her as she finally found the best doctor who could help her deal with her autoimmune diseases.

For all of you, thank you for continuing to pray for me—I failed to ask his permission if I could name him, but my new doctor is considered among the BEST,” the media personality said.

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While it took her “3 & a half months” to secure a face-to-face consultation with her new doctor, she said that she couldn’t be any happier because she finally has “renewed confidence” that she will get better this time.

To recall, it was last June 2022 when she flew to the United States to seek medical treatment for the multiple autoimmune conditions she is suffering from.

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