Keep On Top Meaning & Sentence Examples

Keep On Top Definition, Sentence Examples

KEEP ON TOP MEANING – Find out what keep on top really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The idiom “keep on top” is claimed to have originated in medieval England, while bureaucracy was emerging as governance transitioned from monarchy to democracy. To stay on top of administrative tasks was a familiar phrase.



  •  to remain informed
  • to be knowledgeable ahead of the competition
  • to prioritize
  • must be sensitive to the assignment and guarantee that work is completed on schedule
  • being aware of every aspect of the process

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Here are examples of sentences that use keep on top:

  1. You always have to keep on top of your game and keep improving.
  2. Jackie keeps on top of all the latest movie world gossip. She just loves it as a pastime.
  3. My dad has started to keep on top of his exercises and medicines. He does not wish to see the inside of a hospital again.
  4. I need to keep on top of the senator because I am doing a report on him.

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