Hit The Road Meaning & Sentence Examples

Hit The Road Definition, Sentence Examples

HIT THE ROAD MEANING – Find out what hit the road really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

This expression for leaving (either to return home or to embark on a trip of some kind) derives from the pounding of a horse’s hooves ‘hitting the road (or trail).’ It could also refer to feet or automobile tires landing on the road.

It is mostly utilized for these three modes of transportation. It would not be appropriate for a flight or a train ride, for example. Most of the time, it means leaving on your own because you have something urgent to do or out of need.



  • leave
  • depart
  • begin your adventure
  • embark on a journey
  • get started

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Here are examples of sentences that use hit the road:

  1. Toni eventually printed up a photo of Sandro and hit the road
  2. Jeff was being loud and obnoxious so, the bartender told him to hit the road.
  3. Once Lyle got involved with the group, he quit school and hit the road with them doing demonstrations, picketing, and that kind of thing.
  4. We’d better hit the road

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