Take For Granted Meaning & Sentence Examples

Take For Granted Definition, Sentence Examples

TAKE FOR GRANTED MEANING – Find out what take for granted really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The word grant originally meant “to allow or permit something” in the early 13th century. Since the 1600s, it has also been used to denote a scenario in which something is presumed to be true without having any definitive proof.



  • to underestimate something or someone’s worth
  • when a person is underpaid for the work that they do
  • to believe something is true without evidence
  • to believe that someone will always be available, even if they are unappreciated
  • assume
  • presuppose
  • presume
  • undervalue

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Here are examples of sentences that use take for granted:

  1. I work harder than anyone else in the company and my salary is still below average. I feel like my boss is taking me for granted
  2. I think that you take your wife for granted. She is always preparing anything for you and doing nice things for you, and you never appreciate it.
  3. I took the weather for granted when I lived in Canada. Now I am struggling to get used to the cold.

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