Tricycle Driver Hits Woman’s Car, Paid the Damage with “Sibuyas”

A tricycle driver gave “sibuyas” to the car owner he hit to cover the damage.

DANYOS PERHUWISYO – A tricycle driver collides with a woman’s car and paid for the damage with onions or “sibuyas.”

Photo credit to the owner

Last January 12, 2023, a certain Axle Gallardo with username u/axle_gallardo, shared on Reddit, an American social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website, the experience of his sister in law.

“Sister In Law’s car got dented by a tricycle driver. Driver paid the car damage with Sibuyas,” the post noted.

It was accompanied by a photo of a woman in the driver’s seat of a car, with the window open and smiling while accepting a bunch of spring onions from the tricycle driver. The sister-in-law of Axle with username u/Glad-Competition3835 took to Reddit herself wherein she shared in details what happened at the time.

“The road was full. I saw him coming to the side of my car in my side mirror. And I don’t know why he was moving to the right towards me. The left side is open and wide and he could have moved straight forward,” she noted.

All of a sudden, she heard a bang. She saw that her car was hit by the tricycle driver. When she checked the damage, she talked to him and found out that the trike driver is a farmer. The tricycle driver was supposed to deliver vegetables somewhere in Laguna when the accident happened.

According to the sister-in-law, “I joked, pwede bang gulay na lang ibayad nyo?” To which he replied: “May sibuyas po.” She added: “I was ready to drive away when he came with two bunches of onions. Dahon ng sibuyas. Spring onions.” She tried to return it to the driver but the latter insisted.

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