Paolo Contis Confirms Relationship With Yen Santos: “What you see is what you get”

Paolo Contis: “Sana lang isipin nila na kung ano lang yung nakikita nilang naka-post, ‘yun na lang yung truth na alam nila”

PAOLO CONTIS – The Kapuso actor recently confirmed that he and actress Yen Santos are in a relationship.

Paolo Contis and Yen Santos
Photo source: Inquirer

Paolo appeared in the latest episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda”

The actor spoke about the “sustento” for his daughters Xonia, Xalene, and Summer in the first part of the interview with Boy Abunda last January 27. He shared that he’s saving in accounts for his daughters and he also hopes that he can give it straight to them someday.

On Monday, the actor revealed his romantic relationship with the actress in the second part of the interview. He, however, said that Yen is not the reason for his separation from LJ Reyes.

Paolo maintained that the two were still friends during the time they were spotted in Baguio together back in 2021. The actor defended himself that LJ was already in the United States when her interview went out.

He also admitted that he knows they couldn’t please everyone with the announcement, adding that he hoped people would understand his truth.

Sa amin kasi kumbaga is what you see is what you get naman eh,” he said. “Di naman namin pwede ipilit yung tao to be happy for us, di naman namin pwede ipilit ‘yung mga tao na paniwalaan yung gusto nilang paniwalaan sana lang isipin nila na kung ano lang yung nakikita nilang naka-post, ‘yun lang y’ung truth na alam nila.

Paolo also admitted in the same interview that his relationship with LJ hadn’t been okay long before Yen entered the picture, adding that that he had regrets about his falling out with LJ.

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The actor shared that their fights would become frequent, admitting that he didn’t take notice of LJ’s mental health. He went on to share that he wasn’t informing LJ about his whereabouts, which resulted in bigger problems for them.

Paolo didn’t give any more information as to what problems he and LJ were having at that time.

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