Male Netizen Flexes ‘Glass Skin Isaw’ at a Stall in Laguna “naka-set na pantay-pantay”

Male Netizen Shares Photo of ‘Glass Skin Isaw’ at a Stall in Laguna

A male netizen goes viral online after flexing the ‘Glass Skin Isaw’ at a stall in Laguna “naka-set na pantay-pantay”.

The Philippines’ most well-known street snack “isaw” is made with grilled pig or chicken intestines. It is a type of barbeque. After being thoroughly washed, the intestines are either boiled, then grilled on sticks, or immediately grilled on sticks after being turned inside out and cleaned once more.

Recently, a Facebook user named Miguel Christian Concio shared a photo of ‘Glass Skin Isaw’ or chicken intestines arranged in a very neat way. The post immediately goes viral and elicits comments from internet users.

Male Netizen

In the photo, Concio and his best friend went to an ihaw-ihaw stall in Los Baños, Laguna. The latter noticed that the barbeque vendor arranged the chicken intestines neatly. He assumed that the vendor is a ‘perfectionist’.

“Nung pagkakita po namin ng bestfriend ko, tuwang tuwa po kame. Syempre hindi po ganyan lahat. Talaga po naka-set na pantay-pantay. Hindi ka na mamimili kung anong mahaba o malaki,” Miguel said.

According to Concio, the vendor identified as ‘Mang Ver’ does not want his wife to arrange the skewers because of improper arrangement.

Male Netizen

“Tinanong ko po sino nag ayos. Si Mang Ver daw po. Sabi ng asawa nya, ayaw ni Mang Ver kapag yung asawa nya nag aayos [dahil] hindi daw po pantay,” Concio added.

Here is the full post:

Kapag perfectionist ang nag set up ng ISAW

Excellent Condition

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Male Netizen

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