Lovely Abella Responds To Netizen Who Says “Hindi pa nga sure kung buntis eh isang beses lang siya nag check”

Lovely Abella: “Hindi lang ako isang beses nag-test. 3 times ako nag-test”

LOVELY ABELLA – The wife of Benj Manalo recently responded to a netizen who said “Hindi pa nga sure kung buntis eh isang beses lang siya nag check”.

Lovely Abella

It was last January 22 when Lovely Abella and Benj Manalo announced that they’re expecting their 1st child together.

To recall, Lovely posted a video of her husband’s reaction after telling him that she’s pregnant. She also shared in the caption of her Instagram post last Sunday that they have been trying for 3 years.

The couple celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary last January 23. At that time, Lovely posted a series of photos on her Instagram account and shared that it feels like she and her husband are newlyweds despite being married for 2 years already.

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On Thursday, Lovely posted a video on TikTok where she responded to a certain user who said that it’s not even sure if Lovely is pregnant as the netizen claimed that she only checked once.

Yeah, sobra na po kahit wala pang heartbeat. Hindi pa nga sure kung buntis eh isang beses lang siya nag check,TikTok user said in a comment on Lovely’s post on the platform.

@lovely_abella Replying to @JIMINSHI🐥💜 praying for your heart.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #fyp #buntisdiary ♬ original sound – Lovely Manalo

In response to the comment, Lovely shared that her current situation is difficult and she wanted to relax and keep herself calm. She also revealed that she had tested “three times” and not just once.

Inaantay na lang yung heartbeat. Kasi ang heartbeat, na-fo-form yan 6 weeks to 7 weeks,” Lovely said.

Lovely Abella went on to urge her haters to stay away from her feed or unfollow her on social media platforms. According to her, she only showed her pregnancy journey to the public.

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