How To Apply for PhilHealth Membership Online & the Requirements to Submit

Guide on How To Apply for PhilHealth Membership Online & What You Need to Prepare

HOW TO APPLY FOR PHILHEALTH MEMBERSHIP ONLINE – Here is a guide on the online application for PhilHealth membership and the requirements.

In the Philippines, if you want a medical insurance by a state-run health insurance company, you must turn to the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or more commonly called PhilHealth. Most Filipinos are actually PhilHealth members.

A membership with PhilHealth can assist you in times of medical emergencies like unexpected hospital admissions. You may also turn to your account provided that it is active for assistance during surgeries, childbirth, and several other medical procedures.

Most PhilHealth members pay for their contributions on a monthly basis. There are also those who do it quarterly or every half of the year. Your contributions are the basis of your eligibility for the packages and coverage of PhilHealth.

How To Apply for PhilHealth Membership Online
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Nowadays, applying for a membership to PhilHealth became even easier. You can apply for PhilHealth membership online.

How to Apply for PhilHealth Membership Online?

Step 1 – Download a copy of the PhilHealth Member Registration Form or PMRF. Fill-in the form with the information asked. To get a copy of the form, you may visit – PhilHealth.

Step 2 – Prepare a copy of your valid ID.

Step 3 – Send your PMRF. Submit your PhilHealth Member Registration Form to [email protected]. It should be in PDF or JPEG formats. Use this email subject format – Register<space>Name<space>City/Province, Region.

Step 4 – Wait for your PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) which will be sent to you by PhilHealth.

If you want to apply for a membership to PhilHealth personally, you may download the application form, print it, and submit it to a branch of the health insurance institution nearest to you.

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