Girlfriend Exposes Cheating Boyfriend: “This is how calm and sweet he is while secretly cheating”

Cheating boyfriend exposed by his girlfriend

CHEATING BOYFRIEND – A female netizen took to social media wherein she exposed her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her.

cheating boyfriend
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Cheating is one of the reasons why couples tend to break up. . There are two reasons why people cheat.

The first reason is that a person is just shallow and selfish and needs to be gratified constantly. The second reason is that the relationship is failing to provide sufficient intimacy and desire. In the end, the betrayed partner gets severe damage in the process.

Speaking of, a certain Angelique Saycon took to social networking site, Facebook wherein she exposed her boyfriend for supposedly six years named Joseph Labe Guerrero.

According to her, she never thought that her boyfriend, a seaman, would cheat on her. She revealed that he even used a dummy account (George Carale) in the process.

It was on January 7 when she first posted on Facebook how her boyfriend cheated on her. In a lengthy post, she shared in details how they met each other until the time their relationship fell apart.

Here’s the full post:

“WHAT ALMOST KILLED ME IN 2022 💔💔💔⚓️⚓️⚓️🛳🛳🛳

‼️‼️TRIGGER WARNING‼️‼️ Long post ahead. A summary of my almost 6 year relationship with a #SEAMANLOLOKO! ⚓️

I never thought that loving genuinely Joseph Labe Guerrero can also be the reason why I almost ended my life.

Happy 6th supposedly anniversary to the one and only man I loved wholeheartedly in my entire life.

I’ve known you since I was in college and you were tambay/jobless. The 1st time we met after months of talking, we went straight to Sto. Niño church attended a mass. You prayed to God silently that if I became yours, you will never let go of me and will take care of me forever.

You courted me January 16, 2017 right after sinulog party. I was NBSB (no boyfriend since birth) since I don’t want to rush things and I wanted whoever will be my 1st will be the last as well. I don’t want to play games. I am not that type of girl. I’m not ready to be in an official relationship yet cos’ I was still studying so binasted kita. You cried and promised me that kung sasagutin kita, you will take care of my heart. I got pity bec you were crying and I told myself why not take the risk since I liked you too. I also believed you were sincere so sinagot kita. Then you became my 1st boyfriend and I was your 8th girlfriend. You told me that you wanted me to be your last relationship. You thanked God that I became yours. You were so happy and I saw it in your eyes. You said that I am your angel, your answered prayers and everything you looked for was in me.

Then we became official. Days, months, and years passed by, I felt how pure your love is. You were so madly inlove and honest. Promised me that you will forever be inlove with me. Told me that I changed you to be a better person and a lover. And that you have changed your bad ways for me. I thank God everyday for your existence. We were so blessed to have the kind of love that we shared.

You were struggling back then because you had a hard time finding a job. I supported you all the way even when you had nothing. You had dreams. So I believed in you. I stayed even if it was so hard to be in an LDR and to have a partner who’s not stable. I financed almost all of our dates. I gave everything with the little that I have. I don’t have much, I am not rich, but with everything that I have, I share it with you. I was never selfish to you. 9months in interisland and you had no salary, I gave you clothes, load every 3days and etc. without asking anything in return but your loyalty and love.

You met my family and friends. I met yours. You were welcomed in our home with open arms. My parents trusted you big time and never mistreated you.

Fast forward to pandemic, you were in Manila almost stuck in lockdown but I hurriedly helped you book a ticket to return home. Nangutang kapa sakin para sa ticket mo and it was totally fine. You were in Negros and I was in Cebu. Almost a year of not seeing each other, you promised to come and see me despite the situation but you failed. You didn’t find a way. So I took the initiative. Processed all the documents just to see you in Negros. Was willing to undergo quarantine alone in a quarantine center for 7days just to see you. But after I have processed everything, you were called to report in Manila. I was so disappointed. I got tired my efforts were wasted. So you forced me to go to Manila instead so we could spend time before you go onboard international. I adjusted again for you.

Then we arrived in Manila, both of us were so happy after all the struggles finally we were together. I couldn’t express in words how happy I was to finally be with you. We stayed in Manila for 1month. I got sick there (peritonsillar abscess). I lost my voice literally. I couldn’t speak at all. We went to the doctor and was given medicine. I appreciated you so much because you really took care of me. You even alarmed on your phone at 3am, got up and hand me the medicine and water. That went on for 2weeks. Told myself how lucky and blessed I am to have you in my life. We never fought. We were just so happy which is normal since happy naman talaga tayo pag magkasama. Distance lang usual natin pinag aawayan.

After a month, I returned home since the office called you already. 2021, you finally went onboard international after 4years of waiting. I was so happy and proud of you. I have always been your cheerleader since day 1 when you had nothing. You always assured me that you are doing that for our future and for your family, that you are there to work and not play games or find other girls, that you had no plans to replace me since you loved me that much and as for you, in your eyes all the girls have AIDS but me. And I trusted you. I never doubted your words.

Then your 9month contract ended. You told me that when you return home, I must only spend my time in Negros with you and that I will not be allowed to go home during your vacation. You wanted us to have a baby. I declined because I know we were not ready yet and I don’t wanna rush things since we are still figuring out our future. We were happy just spending your entire vacation together that was during bagyong odette, christmas, new year, and our anniversary.

Our 5th anniversary Jan. 16, 2022 Sinulog, you surprised me a bouquet a flowers after we attended a mass and we ate on a restaurant afterwards. At the end of January, you were called to report at the office. Then you went onboard again the 2nd time. Valentines came, you surprised me with a delivery for the 1st time. That was so unlikely of you and I appreciated your effort so much. Bouquet of flowers, chocolates and a cake. I saw that you have improved your efforts. May budget kana rin konti kahit nangutang ka ulit sakin before ka sumampa the 2nd time.

3months of LDR, things went smoothly. But, I have always wondered since the 1st time you were onboard why every time you are done with work, you would immediately go to sleep and you won’t spend a little more time talking to me. I begged a little more of your time for even 10-20mins. You said that you are always tired/busy at work and OT. I trusted you. I understood you.

March 2022, we had a fight because of the promise you didn’t fulfill again. I didn’t see your efforts that you were sorry for your mistakes. It went on until April 1, my birthday I blocked you. Hoping you will find a way to reachout to me since it was my birthday. Konting effort naman sana kahit mag chat lang. Messenger ka lang binlock. May instagram pa, tiktok at marami pa paraan pwde din maki chat. You were at the wrong and it was my special day. But you didn’t even make just a tiny effort to greet me or reachout to me. Grabe.

Few days later, I unblocked you. I wanted us to be okay. I was sorry I blocked you and you were never sorry for your mistake. You were so hard. You even wanted to end the relationship. You did not reply to me for almost a month. I cried everyday or maybe got even depressed. I wanted us to be okay so badly so I made an effort. Since you are not replying to me, I contacted your workmates. I asked for help. Then finally you decided us to be okay.

We got back and I was DEEPLY traumatized of what happened. I was crying everyday at my birth month. You didn’t greet me on my birthday and on our monthsary. Didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t focus at work. So I talked to you properly that if a problem or misunderstanding comes in the future, we should just talk about it calmly and still respect each other. You agreed.

May and June 2022, we were happy again and you greeted me on our monthsaries. Even called me your “wife” again. Until I got a message from one of your workmate whom I contacted when you were not replying on April. He said that you have an other woman and that you are videocalling each other at work. My heart shattered but still I have trust in you. It never crossed my mind that you could do that to me. I asked you politely and calmly if it was true. But then super bastos mo sumagot. I got so hurt by the way you answered. I told you still very calmly that I was offended and hurt of how you responded. You invalidated my feelings. You didn’t even say sorry.

I decided not to reply to you until you say sorry. Everyday, you went on as if nothing happened. Said goodmornings and I love you’s as if nothing happened. I didn’t reply for a week. But still you never cared. You were not bothered. Then you stopped chatting. After 4 days of no commu, I decided to contact you and I want us to be okay. But then again, you said you didn’t want us anymore. No explanations. Nothing. What traumatized me on April happened again. This time, it went on July until October. I was clueless of what was happening. I did everything to reachout to you. Contacted anyone I could just so I could talk to you. You left me hanging.

I received a message request from unknown person saying that my BF has a lot of girls and that you slept most of the time at the girls’ cabin. Replied him that until there are no proof, he doesn’t exist. Even when you are not replying, sobrang laki pa din ng tiwala ko sayo na di mo kaya gawin mga maduming bagay na pambababae at di mo magagawang lokohin ako. I was so secured of you. Days later, he messaged me again with a picture of you at the party. Your hands were at the girl’s waist holding her. You were dancing. My world stopped. My heart dropped and was shattered again. 💔 It was so depressing. I threw everything I held at that moment. Gusto ko mag wala at sumigaw. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Di ka ganung klase e. 💔

I messaged you and you answered that you have no other woman and that it just happened at the party. Still you were rude of your reply. Even said I am ignorant and it was just normal bec you were at the party. You were also telling our mutual friends na loyal ka pa din. So I still believed you had no other woman after all the things I have heard and seen. Na sa party lang talaga yon. I was still hopeful because I believed in our love. I trusted you so much. That we are stronger than any of our struggles because that’s what you always say.

Last week of October 2022, your contract ended. You stayed in Manila. November, I went to Manila to see you and talk things out. The 1st day, we went out with friends, we got okay and we were happy again. Until I found out and witnessed myself that you really had an other woman while you were onboard. Saw sweet pictures of you with her. Asked if she was your girlfriend. You denied and told me that you were just drunk. You deleted your whatsapp where you communicate with her. You keep on denying that there’s nothing special about the pictures while she was kissing you. Little did you know, I have already read your messages and 1st monthsary greetings with each other. Wow.

Days went by while we were together in Manila, I discovered many things about you. Nakakadiri. Mga palihim mong panloloko habang masayang masaya tayo. Wala akong duda sayo kasi sobra mong loyal sa totoo mong accounts. Then I knew about your dummy account. Nasa dummy pala lahat ng kalokohan mo. A girl from your dummy told me that you’ve known each other in 2020 on tinder app. And that you have another account, 2nd dummy account. George Carale pa pagkakilala niya sayo.

I’ve always wondered about how little your time is to me during onboard since the 1st time, and why you were always so busy and stressed with work. Your time to me daily is like a total of 10mins/day. Then I found out, you were already fooling me around matagal na.

March 1, 2021 your birthday, while I was patiently waiting for your reply, begging for your time, you were out there on your dummy account videochatting suki mong babae sa dummy mo 45mins. Same time and same date while I was begging for your time. You were chatting and flirting a lot of girls on your dummy. Kaya pala palagi ka busy at walang time sakin. Kala ko pa naman work inaatupag mo. Panloloko lang pala ng mga babae. Hindi lang ako, pati na rin yung mga babaeng George Carale pagkakilala sayo. Wow.

2023: another discovery. A new girl from your dummy in 2019 found her way to me online, she messaged me and told what happened between you two. “kano” being you nickname. George Carale din pagkakilala nya sayo. Nung interisland ka sa masbate, marami ka daw babae at isa sya don. May nangyari pa sa inyo sa isang cottage ng spring. Kala ko hanggang chat2 ka lang sa panloloko, ginagalaw mo rin pala talaga mga babae mo. 😭😩💔 NAPAKA DUMI MO! NAKAKADIRI KA! IMMORAL! APAKA BABOY MO JOSEPH! 🤮🤮🤮🤮 Palagi kayo magka chat at nagkita na rin kayo sa Cebu kahit palagi tayo magkasama dito noon. Grabe ka. Nagalit sya sayo at tinigilan kana kasi pinagyayabang mo pa daw na nadala mo sya sa cabina mo kahit wala. Sa cottage lang kayo non. Grabe ka Joseph.

Sa dummy mo rin na George, nakita ko rin mga nakakadiri mong mga chat sa mga bayarang babae. 300-500 pesos videocall camshow habang onboard ka. Kaya pala sobra busy mo palagi. Now I know. 🤢🤮

Joseph did not just mentally and emotionally abused me but also hurt me physically. The 1st time we got physical was in their house, di ko sya pinapansin kasi nagtatampo ako. I was just at my cellphone enjoying myself. He then slapped my face slowly nagpapapansin then onti2 lumalakas kasi di ko pa dn sya pinapansin until masakit na. So I defended myself from him even if he’s a very big person. Btw, I’m only 5”2. He’s 5”11. He said he regretted it, but we still got into a few physical fights after that.

Love, Joseph, what did I do to to deserve all of these things? My heart was innocent, pure and genuine. I really don’t know where you are coming from. I am not perfect but I was a good person to you after all. Did you just share all of those things with me for 6years just to cheat on me? Why? Ano ba goal mo? Wala kana ba talaga konsensya? I really just hope you get the karma you deserve. Sana wala kana iba mabiktima. Sabi mo nagbago kana sa pagiging salbahe kasi di ko deserve yon? May expiration pala? Di ako informed. No woman deserves to be treated the way you treated me. Know that I loved you so so so so so so much but you betrayed me while my heart was the purest. Farewell. Bye.

Don’t worry, wala na ako balak pilitin yung relasyon natin at lalong wala na akong balak balikan kapa as you claimed. 🤮 After all ng nalaman ko kng sino ka talaga pag di tayo magkasama, pinandidirian na kita. Sakin ka lang naka experience ng anniversaries sa 8 mong ex, dahil lang yun sa pagtitiis at pagtatiyaga ko sayo kahit di na tama pag trato mo sakin. Nagbubulag bulagan ako. Pinagtatawanan na ako ng mga kaibigan ko kasi di pa din kita binitawan despite ng pagtrato mo sakin. Sa tagal ng panahon na pinaglaban kita sa lahat kahit sa sarili ko mismo, finally ngayon suko na ako. Di na kita kaya ipaglaban. Di kona kaya mag bulag bulagan pa kasi mata ko mismo nakasaksi sa lahat. Ansakit at ambastos mo mahalin Joseph Labe Guerrero.

Kung di ako nag effort mala NBI, di ko mahuhuli totoong pagkatao nito kaya GOOD LUCK sa susunod na babae nito ngayon palang magka trust issue kana mga ganto di dapat pinagkakatiwalaan 💯💯💯💯💯 ako pa sinabihan nya na malas daw susunod kong boyfriend. LOL. jokes on you JOSEPH. 🥴

The difference between you and me is I lost someone who didn’t value me. You lost someone who would’ve done anything for you.”

On January 21, she posted a video of her and her ex-boyfriend. In the caption, she noted: “This is how calm and sweet he is while secretly cheating”.

In the last part of her post, she stressed that she respect advises but don’t accept dictation especially about moving on and what to do. As expected, her posted, generated mixed reactions from the netizens.

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