Director Mark Reyes Addresses Bashers of Voltes V: Legacy Mega Trailer

Here’s the message of Director Mark reyes to bashers of Voltes V: Legacy mega trailer

MARK REYES – The director of Voltes V: Legacy gave a message to the bashers of the Philippine adaptation of the Japanese anime television series.

Voltes V: Legacy
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Before the end of 2022, GMA-7 has released a mega trailer of the science-fantasy series. It was warmly received by the public, especially solid fans of the Japanese anime Voltes V which first became popular in the ’70s.

While many were impressed, there were some who did not like the new storyline of the series especially the inclusion of love story and “agawan”. This prompted Director Mark Reyes to address the bashers of the mega trailer.

“If they don’t like the show, then I can’t do anything about it. I don’t do the show for them, I do the show for someone who likes the show. You know, I will do it for those people who likes to watch the show, not like those who don’t,” he said.

“As simple as that, not only for Voltes V: Legacy but in life, kasi why will you please someone who doesn’t like you, di ba? So, just do your best, try to please as many people as you can without stepping on anybody, and that’s the attitude you take especially like this,” he added.

Voltes V: Legacy stars with Miguel Tan Felix (Steve Armstrong), Radson Flores (Mark Gordon), Matt Lozano (Robert “Big Bert” Armstrong), Raphael Landicho (“Little Jon” Armstrong), and Ysabel Ortega (Jamie Robinson).

It also stars with Martin del Rosario (Zardoz), Carla Abellana (Mary Ann Armstrong), Dennis Trillo (Ned Armstrong), Gabby Eigenmann (Commander Robinson), Neil Ryan Sese (Dr. Hook), Epi Quizon (Zuhl), Liezel Lopez (Zandra), Carlo Gonzales (Draco), Christian Vasquez (Emperor Zambojil), and Albert Martinez (Dr. Richard Smith).

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