Christian Bautista Speaks On “Cute Moments” With Wife Kat Ramnani

Christian Bautista: “I do sing to her. Pag ano, mga cute moments”

CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA – The OPM icon and balladeer recently spoke about “cute moments” with his wife Kat Ramnani.

Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani
Photo: Christian Bautista / Instagram

Christian and Kat got engaged in Italy last 2017 and tied the knot last 2018.

In an interview on the latest episode of the “Updated With Nelson Canlas” podcast, the singer shared that he sings to his wife during their “cute moments”.

I do, I do sing to her. Pag ano, mga cute moments. Minsan mga imbento lang — ‘you are so cute today.’ Hindi naman lagi, hindi naman musical,” he shared. “Pag nag-mi-meeting siya hindi pwede.

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He also recalled that Kat didn’t know that he was famous when the two of them started dating.

According to him, Kat used to tell her friends that she was dating a “rookie singer” because that’s what she believed at that time. However, her friends were shocked when she showed a photo of him.

The couple didn’t have a child yet and they’re enjoying their married life by traveling to Indonesia, the United States, Africa, and other places in the world.

To recall, Christian said in an interview with broadcaster Karen Davila that they will have a baby “when the right time comes”. Kat, for her part, said that they’re not pressured by the expectations of their supporters and other people.

Christian is set to hold his “The Way You Look At Me” concert at the Samsung Performing Arts Theater in Circuit Makati on January 28, 2023. He went on to invite his supporters to go to his concert so he can personally thank those who has been with him on his journey.

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