Boyfriend Unfriended by GF on Facebook: “Girlfriend ko sya pero di kame friend”

Girlfriend unfriends boyfriend on Facebook

RELATE?! – A male netizen took to social media wherein he shared how he ended up being unfriended by his girlfriend.

It takes love, compassion, and patience to navigate a relationship. There will be times when problems develop that require these three things to be resolved and bring both parties back on track. A misunderstanding is one of the things that might keep a relationship in shambles.

Usually, lack of clarity regarding anything or no clarity at all indicate misunderstanding. When there is no evidence to support an assumption, confusion results. And until things are more clear, it would keep causing conflict in a relationship.

When one or both sides in a relationship fail to comprehend something correctly, miscommunication results. Therefore, when there is a lack of moral clarity, mistake and misperception happen because a misleading impression is produced. Misunderstandings can be brought on by a variety of factors, but the main one is typically a lack of clarity in understanding the circumstances.

Misunderstanding can be digital now that the current generation is more techy. Speaking of, a guy named Cedrick Olaes shared on Facebook how he ended up being unfriended by his own girlfriend named Franzine Oroc. “girlfriend ko sya pero di kame friend,” he noted as the caption of his post.

His post had gone viral with 39k reactions, over 5k comments and more than 43k shares. As expected, it gained varied reactions from the netizens. One netizen hopes they don’t end up breaking each other’s hearts. Some netizens said that they can relate on the couple.

Although it is unclear what happened between them prior to unfriending each other, it is possible that they had an argument. The girl then chose to unfriend or block him on Facebook. In the end, the girl appeared to be pleading with her boyfriend to accept her friend request.

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