Sunshine Garcia’s Son was Hospitalized Due to UTI

Sunshine Garcia: “Nag-fever siya Monday night, nagchi-chill, rashes balat at nagsusuka kaya tinakbo na namin sya sa hospital”

SUNSHINE GARCIA – The former actress-dancer took to social media wherein she revealed that her son was hospitalized due to UTI.

Sunshine Cruz
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UTIs are frequent infections that develop when bacteria enter the urethra and infect the urinary tract. These bacteria are frequently from the skin or rectum. Although infections can affect different parts of the urinary tract, a bladder infection is the most prevalent kind.

They are common among kids as well. A young child who has a UTI might be fussy, have a fever, or vomit. The symptoms of an older child’s illness may include fever, lower abdominal pain, frequent urination, and pain when urinating.

Earlier, Sunshine Garcia took to social media wherein she revealed that her youngest son was hospitalized due to UTI.

According to her, her son suffered from a fever on Monday night at the same time was chilling and had skin rashes and vomiting so they decided to rush him to the hospital. When they got there, his body temperature was 41.5.

He was immediately tested for blood and urine samples. Fortunately, his blood test turned out to be okay while the urine was done at their home. But less than an hour when they got home, her son had a seizure so they decided to return to the hospital.

Then, he was given medication by the doctors and nurses and eventually became normal again. She revealed that the cause of her son’s fever is due to UTI.

Meanwhile, the actress thanked her family and friends who prayed for the safety of her son. She also thanked the doctors and nurses who took care of Xander. Aside from that, she also gave some tips to fellow parents if their child had seizures.

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