Students Use Banana Leaves as Wrapper for their Gifts

Instead of the usual wrappers, students of an elementary school in Cebu wrapped their gifts in banana leaves

ECO-FRIENDLY GIFT WRAPPERS – A students of an elementary school in Cebu used banana leaves as wrapper for their gifts during Christmas Party.

banana leaves gift wrappers
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Christmas Day celebration is fast approaching since a few more days left. Of course, parties are being held left and right in schools, churches, workplace and even communities.

One of the most important elements of a Christmas Party are the gifts. They may be given through exhange gift or Monito, Monita.

Gifts are usually wrapped in colorful and attractive wrappers. But Instead of using the usual gift wrappers, a group of students from Caraatan Elementary School in Carcar City, Cebu used something that is eco-friendly.

Teacher Annalie Gantuangco encouraged her students to wrap their gifts in banana leaves. Aside from that, they ate spaghetti on banana leaves. Teacher Annalie said she wanted to show her students that there is still happiness in simplicity.

“Using a banana leaf as christmas wrapper is quite unique! Nakatabang pata ma lesser ang basura after christmas party! What im trying to teach my children and to their parents is diskarte sa kinabuhi being simple in life standard bisan pasko pa ni!! Pasko is still Pasko bisan wala ang makabusog sa ato mata mga palamuti sa palibot! pakapin na lang na sa panahon! What makes pasko a merry Christmas is to give love to others and to yourself!!” the teacher said.

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