Leni Robredo to Run Again for President?: ‘I hate saying, “I’m not running anymore”‘

Will Leni Robredo run again for president in the next election?

LENI ROBREDO – The former vice president and now Angat Buhay chairperson said that she is not closing her doors from running again for the highest position in the country in the next election.

Leni Robredo
Photo credit: Esquire Philippines

In the interview with Ambassador Frank Wisner of the Asia Society Policy Institute Council, she discussed her fight against disinformation, Angat Pinas, and the future of democracy. Wisner also questioned Robredo’s plans, including whether she will run in the next national election. She said: “I hate saying, “I’m not running anymore,” because I said that so many times already and I ate my words.”

Robredo recalled when she said she would not enter politics, but an unexpected event (the death of her husband), prompted her to run as a member of the House of Representatives. She added that he was also not the chosen candidate of their party to run as a vice president in the 2016 election but she had no choice then, so even though her chance of winning was small, she still gambled for the said post.

Robredo had the same experience when she hesitated to run for president in the previous election. Therefore, from Robredo’s experience, she learned one thing, to follow the call of service.

But you know if there is one lesson that I’ve learned from my years as a public servant is that, when there is a call for you to serve, no matter how difficult, you answer the call. Because not everyone is given the privilege of being in a position to make a difference, and that’s what happened to me many times over and despite the difficulties, I don’t have any regrets,” she said.

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