Herlene Budol Says No Longer Wants To Join Miss Planet International

Herlene Budol: “Sobrang nabubuwisit ako pag naaalala ko”

HERLENE BUDOL – The beauty queen said that she no longer wants to join the Miss Planet International pageant.

Herlene Budol
Photo: Herlene Budol / Instagram

To recall, Herlene shared the traumatizing experience she had after withdrawing from the pageant.

The beauty queen also shared that she and her team couldn’t help but feel they’re being followed by police with guns at that time, even when their vehicle is already moving at full speed.

She also admitted that the said incident left her with anxiety, on top of all the stress she went through because of the problems she had to face one after another.

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In an interview on the latest episode of “Updated With Nelson Canlas” podcast, she said that she felt helpless and alone in Uganda amidst the difficulties she and her fellow contestants experienced there.

According to her, she felt annoyed when she remembered it and she can’t fully explain how she felt during that time. She also said that she didn’t want to look back on that point again.

Sinabi ko po kay Sir Wilbert [Tolentino] kung sasali pa po kami ng pageant, ayoko na po doon. Parang natatakot na po ako,” she said. “Sobrang nabubuwisit ako pag naaalala ko. Hindi ko na ma-explain kung ano ‘yung feeling ko nung time na ‘yun, basta ang akin, ayoko na talaga ding balikan ‘yung point na ‘yun.

Based on a report, Miss Planet International 2022 has been rescheduled to January 2023 and will be held in Cambodia. Herlene, however, no longer wanted to revisit that part of her pageant journey.

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